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Why is it hard for me to find a CLEAR roadmap to follow in order to be a good python developer ?

Quick intro to where I am now with my python learning and what my objectives are. I've started learning python 2 years ago, but had a lot of breaks during that process because of the electronic degree that I'm following and which is about to end. I followed a tutorial of python basics at first, it was easy, just put in time and follow the arrow. My plan is to become a freelance developer as I'm living in a third world country with a relatively bad salary for developers, I could easily have a better income by freelancing. I've already started freelancing actually with really easy projects, right now, I'm in a position where I don't know what to do to get to the next level in programming, I can do some easy stuff, like a telegram bot, some web browser automation using selenium , use some documented APIs and a couple of others things, I've also followed a flask and a Django tutorial, but I feel that I need to know some JS for the front end before being able to create some decent web apps, I've started doing it lately, but that's not the solution of the problem that I have right now, a problem which is CRITICAL right now, solving it or not will make all the difference in my life and my future all depends on it. Here is THE problem : I'm hard stuck in the level that I'm in right now like a hardstuck silver player on league of legends, and the difference with the latter one is that I have NO CLUE on what to do to get to the next level. I would like to give a concrete example to make sure you understand what I mean. Recently I saw this project on github
which is a non official api to connect to IQOPTION which is a trading platform, I was told that it was done by reverse engineering the websocket requests that was made by the browser. It contains little documentation, but I was able to do some basic operations with it, as it have some examples in the doc folder. But I couldn't understand how it works deeply. Here comes the questions that I have, What do I need to do in order to get to level where I will be able to write such an API ? Or at least being able to understand it, because if I understand it, I would be able to replicate it in some way for something else or adding some features to it if I wanted to. The basic idea that I have is to study others projects in order to have idea about it, but just can't understand how that api works, and a lot of projets as well. I've tried to debug the simple function that connects to the platform on pycharm, but didn't learn much doing so. I've also tried to understand how the websockets library works as it depends on it but the websockets library doesn't contain documentation beside the basic examples that are given. I've also googled websockets to try to understand what it's about, beside the general definitions that I found, didn't learn much neither. All of this process is so much confusing and I'm completely falling into despair
Of course I've searched on google on how to become an expert python developer, asked some experienced people, all what I find is the SAME ANSWERS that are not helping m AT ALL. Answer 1 : Improve algorithmic skills, through the various platforms that are available, I would solve them ALL if that was the solution, but I don't see how solving these interview questions will help me develop that Answer 2 :Solve real world problems / Make your own projects/ Get involved in open source projects, but how am I supposed to be able to do that if I have no reference on how to do it ? I keep hearing people say " make your own projects even if they are bad" I remember trying to make my first app with flask after completing a tutorial, guess what, I couldn't finish it as I have absolutely NO IDEA on how to do it. And I couldn't understand the flask apps that I've found on github as it was pretty advanced.
The difference that programming have with every other thing that I've learned in my life is I have no step by step gameplan on how to improve. If I was ranking Silver on League of legends, and wanted to get to diamond, I know exactly what are the areas that I need to work on, and what to do, same thing with chess, I'm an intermediate chess player, and if I wanted to go from 1600 elo to 2000, I know what resources to learn from, what to study ... etc, same thing with guitar, I've been playing guitar for several years, even though I no longer do it, I know exactly what to do it I wanted to be become better at it.
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Digital option is a money tool combining function principles of Classical and Dynamical Binary Options. 3️⃣ Deposit & Trade More than 250 instruments with a $10 minimum deposit for your ultimate trading IQ Option CPA is a team of true professionals. Paso 1: Regístrese para obtener una cuenta en module¶. Module for IQ Option Base websocket object. class [source] ¶. Bases: object Class for IQ Option Base websocket object. name¶. Property to get websocket object name. iqoptionapi.api module¶. Module for IQ Option API. class iqoptionapi.api.IQOptionAPI (host, username, password, proxies=None) [source] ¶. Bases: object Class for communication with IQ Option API. How it work. This api using websocket to communicate realtime-data to IqOption server through secured websocket channel, so the realtime metadata that come on this channel will be handles by .net reactive programming called "Rx.NET", cause of a haundred of data type stream on only one channle so we need to selected subscribe on specific topic. Property for get IQ Option websocket setactives chanel. Returns The instance of SetActives. ssid Property for get IQ Option websocket ssid chanel. Returns The instance of Ssid. subscribe Property for get IQ Option websocket subscribe chanel. Returns The instance of Subscribe. timesync = < object> token

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